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SHINN-PAO stone mud



SHINN-PAO Colored stone mud is a cement mixed product made with technology and formula provided by Germany.  It is an exclusive building material for various construction methods of natural small marbles.  It has ultra-high lubricity, strong viscosity, high adhesion, and good resistance of cracking and high waterproof effect, stable color, not easy to grow moss.  Using this product can achieve easy construction and shorten working hours.


1. Take the slush mud and mix the small marble, add proper water and stir evenly.  Then start the construction without adding cement and any materials to avoid affecting the quality.

2. The construction is the same as the way of adding cement with small marbles.

3. The slush mud has good construction properties, so when using this product, the proportion of small marble should be more than the general use of cement, and the small marble will be denser after construction.

Packing:20kg±3% paper bag.