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D&B Colored Stone Material Agent


Quality :

1.D&B Colored Stone Material Agent is created by using cement as the basic agent and going with many kinds of special agent. It is a economical compound material for smoothing and washing stones.

2.Super-high lubricant, easy to level while construction and can have perfect construction quality.

3.High water resistance, low water permeation.

4.Use a high quality pigment, various and stable colors, hard to have color fading.5. High adhesive force, high attachment, not easy to being crack, expanded and empty.

Usage :

1.Put D&B Colored Stone Material Agent  and natural stones together, add proper water and stir them evenly. Them it can be constructed. In order not to affect the quality, do not need to add cement and any other materials.

2.The way of construction is the same as the way of the small pebbles with cement.

3. D&B Colored Stone Material Agent has good construction. Thus, the quantity of small stones has to be much more than that in using general cement while using D&B Colored Stone Material Agent in construction. By this way, the small stones can be more dense and closed.

Package :

Paper pack 20kg±3%。